Who is the Trust?

Explore the QEIIMC Trust, the strategic body behind the premier 28.4-hectare healthcare reserve, dedicated to enhancing medical services and infrastructure.
Last updated:
January 2024

The QEIIMC Trust

The Genesis and Purpose

Established under the Queen Elizabeth II Medical Centre Act 1966, the QEIMC Trust is a beacon of healthcare leadership, tasked with the stewardship of 28.4 hectares of prime land dedicated to medical excellence. As an independent statutory authority, it serves a pivotal role in sculpting the landscape of healthcare, ensuring the reserve is utilised to its fullest potential for medical, research, and supportive services.

Strategic Governance and Collaboration

At the helm of the Trust is a board composed of esteemed leaders from the State Government and the University of Western Australia, guided by an independent chairperson. This structure ensures a diverse and balanced perspective in decision-making, harmonising state interests with academic excellence. The board's collaborative approach fosters an environment where strategic initiatives and infrastructural development align with the overarching goal of enhancing healthcare services and facilities.

Driving Development and Management

The Trust's responsibilities extend beyond mere land management; it is the architect of the reserve's future. By acting as a vigilant landlord and overseer, the Trust ensures that every development and operational activity on the reserve not only aligns with but also amplifies the mission of creating a world-class medical hub. Through careful planning and governance, the Trust delegates day-to-day management tasks while keeping a keen eye on long-term objectives, ensuring the QEIIMC campus flourishes as a centre of healthcare excellence and innovation.