Trust Governance

Explore our Governance Policies: Guided by integrity and excellence, ensuring the QEIIMC Trust meets the highest governance and ethical standards.
Last updated:
January 2024

Governance Overview

Explore the essence of governance within the QEIIMC Trust, underlining our commitment to the highest standards of integrity, responsibility, and ethical conduct across all governance aspects.

Core Governance Principles

Detail the fundamental principles that guide the Board's actions, including transparency, accountability, and the commitment to efficient, effective, and ethical management of the medical centre.

Board Roles and Responsibilities

Elucidate the specific roles and responsibilities of the Board, emphasising their contribution to the strategic direction and oversight of the QEIIMC Trust's operations. This section will encapsulate the Board's dedication to achieving the Trust's objectives with the utmost governance standards.

Policy Framework

Offer an overview of the pivotal policies forming the governance structure, such as the Board Governance Policy, and how these align with pertinent legislation and standards, including references to the Queen Elizabeth II Medical Centre Act 1966 and other guiding statutes.

Ethics and Conduct

Discuss the significance of ethical conduct and integrity in the Board's activities, referencing the codes of conduct and conflict of interest policies that ensure decisions are made in the best interest of the Trust and its stakeholders.

Oversight and Accountability

Explain the mechanisms in place for oversight and accountability, including audit functions and performance evaluations, to ensure the Board's decisions are transparent and aligned with the Trust's goals and the expectations of the community.