Signage Application

Navigate our comprehensive signage application process, designed to streamline and guide your submission for efficient and effective signage solutions at QEIIMC.
Last updated:
January 2024


The signage application process is designed to ensure all external signs on the campus are in line with established aesthetic and safety standards. This initiative supports the campus's commitment to maintaining a visually cohesive and secure environment for everyone. Applicants are encouraged to review the comprehensive signage policy and design guidelines before submission to ensure their proposals are aligned with the campus's strategic objectives and community values.

Design Guidelines

Applicants must adhere to specific design guidelines that cover materials, dimensions, colours, and overall aesthetics to ensure their signage proposals align with the campus's visual standards and functional requirements. These guidelines are crafted to preserve the campus's architectural integrity and visual appeal while addressing safety and durability concerns.

For detailed information on permissible materials, acceptable dimensions, and preferred colour schemes, please refer to the comprehensive design guidelines document.

Application Steps

To apply for signage approval, follow these key steps:

  1. Preparation: Ensure you've thoroughly reviewed the signage policy and design guidelines.
  2. Documentation: Gather all necessary documents, including designs and site plans, as specified in the application form.
  3. Submission: Complete the "Application for External Signage" form, attaching all relevant documentation.
  4. Inquiry: For any questions or further clarification, please contact the designated campus authority as provided in the application guidelines.

Approval Process

All external signage requires approval from the QEIIMC Board, which convenes monthly. Following board approval, applicants must proceed with the QEIIMC Trust Application for Works, whether minor or major. This ensures that all signage aligns with the Trust's standards and regulations.

Costs and Fees

There are no costs or fees associated with the application for external signage. Applicants are encouraged to thoroughly review the provided documents and guidelines to ensure compliance with the QEIIMC Trust's requirements for signage proposals.

Required Documentation

Applicants should consider the following documents as part of their application for external signage:

  • QEIIMC Trust Signage Policy: Outlines the standards and requirements for all external signage on the campus.
  • QEIIMC Trust Master Plan: Provides context and guidelines related to the overall planning and design standards of the campus.
  • Design Guidelines: Specifies design, construction, and aesthetic criteria for signage to ensure consistency and compliance with campus standards.

These documents collectively ensure that proposed signage aligns with the Trust’s strategic objectives, aesthetic standards, and safety requirements.