Ride Share at QEIIMC

Explore ride-sharing options for travel to and from QEIIMC.
Last updated:
December 2023

Effortless commuting with ride share

Ride-sharing services at QEIIMC offer a practical and modern solution for your transportation needs. Whether you're visiting for an appointment or work at the campus, these services provide a hassle-free way to travel.

Utilise the popular ride-sharing apps to arrange your transportation, whether for an appointment, work, or exploring the area. Our campus is easily accessible for ride-share vehicles, ensuring a smooth experience for your travels.

Choose your ride share service

Select from a variety of trusted ride-share services available at QEIIMC. Each service offers unique features and options to cater to your specific travel needs. Browse through our list below to find the perfect ride-share option for your next trip.

Helpful ride-sharing tips

Ride-sharing offers an alternative way to travel to and from QEIIMC. We’ve compiled some tips:

  • Know the Peak Times: Be aware of peak hours when ride-sharing demand is high. Planning your travel around these times can reduce wait times and ensure quicker service.
  • Safety First: Always verify your ride before getting in. Check the driver’s details and vehicle information provided in the ride-sharing app for your safety.
  • Wait in a Safe Location: Choose a safe and convenient spot for pick-up. Avoid waiting in parking restricted areas and be mindful of campus traffic and pedestrians.
  • Plan Ahead for Special Requirements: If you require specific features, such as child seats or wheelchair accessibility, select these options in the app when booking your ride.
  • Estimated Fares and Route Planning: Use the app to check estimated fares and route options. This helps in planning your journey and managing travel expenses.
  • Feedback and Ratings: After your ride, consider providing feedback or rating your experience. Your input helps improve the service for everyone.
How to book a ride-share service?
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Booking a Ride

Open the app of your chosen ride-share service on your smartphone, set your pick-up location and destination, and request your ride. Each app will provide details about the driver and estimated arrival time.

Where to wait for ride-shares?
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Pick-Up Locations

While there are no designated ride-share points at QEIIMC, you can choose a safe and accessible location for your ride-share driver. Ensure it's a spot that allows easy access for drivers and does not obstruct traffic or paths.

Special requests for ride-shares?
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Special Vehicle Requests

Most ride-share services offer options such as wheelchair accessibility or larger vehicles. Make sure to select these preferences in the app when booking your ride.

What if my ride-share doesn't show?
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Handling No-Shows

If your ride-share driver doesn't arrive, check the app for updates on their location and estimated time. If you encounter issues, you can cancel the ride within the app and request another one.

How are ride-share fares calculated?
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Fare Calculation

Fares for ride-share services are calculated based on factors like journey distance, travel time, and current demand. You can get a fare estimate in each app before confirming your booking.