Infringement Payments & Appeals

Efficiently manage your parking infringements at QEIIMC. Choose to pay your fine or submit an appeal through our streamlined process.
Last updated:
March 2024

Managing parking infringements at QEIIMC is designed to be clear and efficient. Whether you're looking to settle an infringement or submit an appeal, this section provides all the necessary information and resources to guide you through the process. Navigate through the steps to ensure your infringement is resolved quickly and effectively.

How to pay your infringement

If you have received a parking infringement notice at the QEII Medical Centre, you can conveniently settle it using any of the following methods:

How to Pay Online:

Pay your infringement quickly and securely with our online payment option. Using a credit card, you can settle your notice at any time, from anywhere. Ensure you have your infringement notice number and car registration details ready for a smooth transaction.

Pay Online

Effortlessly pay online anytime. Fast, secure, and always available for your convenience.

Phone payment

If you prefer to pay via phone, our team is available to assist you during office hours. Call us at (08) 6457 1787, Monday to Friday between 08:00 AM and 3:00 PM, and we will guide you through the credit card payment process. This option is ideal for those seeking a more personal touch or who require additional guidance.

Other payment methods

For individuals preferring traditional payment methods, you can make infringement payments by sending a cheque or money order. It's essential to ensure that your cheque or money order is made payable to ‘QEIIMC Parking Department.’ Please include your infringement notice number with your payment for efficient and prompt processing.

Send to:

QEII Medical Centre Parking Department,
Locked Bag 2012,
Nedlands, WA, 6009

Appealing a parking infringement


If you've received a parking infringement notice at the QEII Medical Centre and believe it was issued incorrectly or there are exceptional circumstances, you have the option to appeal. We provide two methods for submitting your appeal: online through Frog Parking or by email.

How to submit your appeal:

Online Appeal:
  • Submit your appeal directly through the Frog Parking system. Ensure to enter your infringement notice number and car registration accurately, without spaces.
Email Appeal:
  • You can also appeal by sending an email to Please attach any relevant documentation or evidence supporting your appeal.

Important information for appellants:

  • Written Submission: Appeals must be submitted in writing and do not halt the regular infringement process, including submission to the Fines Enforcement Registry.
  • Infringement Notice Review: No member of the QEIIMC Parking Department can overturn an infringement notice. Responses to appeals are sent approximately two weeks after submission.
  • Typical Non-Acceptable Reasons: Common reasons like not realizing the time, appointment delays, confusion about payment requirements based on other sites, and signage issues are generally not accepted grounds for appeal.
  • Appeals Review Process: The QEIIMC Appeals Committee reviews all appeals objectively, considering all evidence and recommendations made by parking staff.
  • Required Details for Appeal: Ensure to include the infringement notice number, car registration details, the driver's name, and a current mailing address for response.

Ready to Submit Your Appeal?

Begin your appeal now. Ensure you include all necessary details for review.

Common unaccepted reasons for appeal

In the process of appealing a parking infringement at QEII Medical Centre, please be aware that the following reasons are generally not accepted:

  • Time Oversight: The driver did not realise the time.
  • Delayed or Overrun Appointments: The driver’s appointment ran over time or was delayed. It's recommended to use boom gate-controlled visitor bays for uncertain visit durations.
  • Misplaced Permit or Ticket: The permit or ticket was affected by wind or accidentally placed upside down.
  • Assumptions Based on Other Locations: The driver assumed that payment wasn't required based on allowances at other hospital sites and councils.
  • Confusion with Signage: The signage was confusing, or the driver did not see the sign.

It's important to note that the QEIIMC Appeals Committee considers all evidence, information, and recommendations when reviewing appeals, but appeals based on these reasons are typically not successful.

Ensure your appeal includes the infringement notice number, car registration details, and the nominated driver's name. Additionally, provide a current mailing address to receive a response to your appeal, typically sent within two weeks of receipt. Appeals missing any of these critical details will not be forwarded for review by the QEIIMC Appeals Committee.