Cycling to QEIIMC

Discover a healthier, greener way to commute. Explore cycling options, facilities, and resources available at the QEIIMC.

Plan Your Journey to QEIIMC with DoT's Your Move Journey Planner

Ready to make your commute healthier and more environmentally friendly? Use the 'Your Move' journey planner to effortlessly map out your cycling route. Whether it's for a daily commute or an occasional trip, their journey planner helps you find the best cycling paths, ensuring a safe and enjoyable ride. Start planning today and embrace a greener way to travel!

Embrace green commuting by bike

Cycling to QEIIMC isn't just a commute; it's a step towards a healthier lifestyle and a greener environment. We encourage staff and visitors to consider biking as a viable and enjoyable commuting option. Remember, for the safety and convenience of all, avoid locking bikes to fences or railings, as it can hinder emergency access and mobility.

Planning your cycling route to QEIIMC is simple with the Department of Transport’s extensive maps of cycle paths across metropolitan Perth, easily accessible online. For those looking for more information on active commuting options in Perth, the 'Your Move' program offers invaluable resources, including local area maps and a journey planner. It’s an excellent tool for finding active ways to travel while reducing car dependency. Also, be sure to stay informed about any path closures or detours through Main Roads WA for a hassle-free cycling experience.

Explore Bike & Walk Maps

Access detailed paths and trails for biking and walking. Plan your journey with ease!

End of trip facilities

At QEIIMC, various major tenants provide their own End of Trip Facilities, tailored to meet the needs of their employees. These facilities, which typically include secure bike parking, lockers, and showers, are available to support a comfortable and convenient transition from cycling to work.
To locate these amenities, please refer to the QEIIMC Map open_in_new.. Keep in mind that access to specific facilities depends on the organisation to which they belong. For any enquiries about facility access or usage, please contact your respective organisation or the TravelSmart Junction for guidance.

Convenient push bike hire

Explore the convenience of cycling to work with our Push Bike Hire service at QEIIMC. If you're interested in cycling but don't own a bike, we offer a practical solution. For a $100.00 deposit, you can rent a bike, complete with all necessary safety equipment.

This service provides a great opportunity to trial cycling as a commute option without the need for immediate investment. Once you return the bike and the equipment, your deposit will be fully refunded. It's an ideal way to test the waters of cycle commuting and contribute to a greener environment.

TravelSmart contact details

Cycling etiquette and safety

Embrace a greener and healthier way of commuting by cycling to QEIIMC. We strongly support and encourage this eco-friendly mode of transport among our staff and visitors. While we facilitate this with various cycling-related amenities, we also remind cyclists to adhere to proper bike parking etiquette.

Please ensure that your bicycle is not locked to fences or railings as this can obstruct walkways and emergency access points, potentially hindering movements during an emergency and creating obstacles for individuals with mobility challenges. Your cooperation helps maintain a safe and accessible environment for everyone at QEIIMC.

Discover Perth’s cycling routes

Planning your cycling journey around Perth is made easy with the extensive resources provided by theDepartment of Transport open_in_new. They offer detailed maps of cycling paths across metropolitan Perth, allowing you to choose the most convenient and safe routes for your ride.

Additionally, the Your Move open_in_new program is an excellent resource for finding more active commuting options. It provides not only local area maps but also a handy journey planner, which can be a great tool for reducing car dependency and exploring new routes. Whether you're commuting to work or just enjoying a leisurely ride, these resources ensure a safe and enjoyable cycling experience.

Stay informed on path closures and updates

Staying informed about the latest path closures and detours is essential. We recommend regularly visiting Main Roads WA open_in_new. to keep up-to-date with any changes affecting shared paths around the city. This information is crucial for planning your cycling journey, ensuring you can navigate around any temporary disruptions. Being aware of these updates helps in maintaining a safe and enjoyable cycling experience at QEIIMC and across Perth.