Prioritising health & safety on campus

At QEIIMC, we're dedicated to maintaining a safe, healthy, and smoke-free environment for all our visitors, patients, and staff.
Last updated:
December 2023

Ensuring a Safe and Healthy Environment at QEIIMC Campus

Commitment to a Smoke-Free Campus:

At QEIIMC, we're committed to promoting a healthy environment. Our campus is entirely smoke-free, reflecting our dedication to minimising health risks associated with smoking and vaping. This initiative forms part of our broader efforts to encourage healthier lifestyle choices and protect the well-being of our community.

Proactive Risk Management for a Safer Campus:

Safety is paramount at QEIIMC. We proactively manage potential risks to ensure the safety and security of all campus users. Through systematic risk assessment and mitigation strategies, we continuously work towards creating a secure environment. This approach covers everything from patient safety and staff well-being to overall campus security.

Safeguarding Against Hazardous Materials:

Managing hazardous materials carefully is a critical aspect of our safety protocol. We ensure that all such materials on campus are handled, stored, and disposed of in a way that minimises the risk of accidents and exposure. This vigilance is key to maintaining a safe environment for everyone at QEIIMC.

Emergency Preparedness and Effective Response:

At QEIIMC, we are always prepared to respond effectively to emergency situations. Our emergency preparedness and response measures are designed to protect and swiftly assist our campus community in case of any unforeseen events. From well-planned evacuation routes to trained emergency response teams, we are equipped to handle emergencies with efficiency and care.

Prioritising Health and Safety in Every Aspect:

Health and safety are at the forefront of everything we do at QEIIMC. We are committed to providing a safe, healthy, and supportive environment. This commitment is reflected in our everyday operations, where safety and health are not just priorities but integral parts of our campus culture.