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July 14, 2016

As of Saturday 6 August 2016, most phone and fax numbers at the Queen Elizabeth II Medical Centre (QEIIMC) Campus using the number prefixes of 9346 **** or 9287 6*** have changed to 6457 ****. Extension numbers i.e. the last four digits of current numbers will stay the same, with only the prefix changing to 6457.

This change will not affect the SCGH Cancer Centre, SCGH Mental Health Unit, PathWest building, and some QEIIMC tenants.

For three months after changeover, existing phone and fax numbers will be automatically diverted to the 6457**** numbers. However, we request that you make a note of the changed numbers and only use the new numbers from 6 August onwards, as the old numbers will eventually be switched off.

To know more about the changes or for further information please contact pabx.project@health.wa.gov.au, or visit the NMHS intranet.

  • Important changes to phone numbers at QEIIMC

    As of Saturday 6 August 2016, most phone and fax numbers at the QEIIMC Campus have changed.  Follow the links below for more information:




  • TravelSmart

    Why not look after your health on the way to the QEIIMC? For all your cycling maps, bicycle parking facilities and route planning contact (08) 6457 4085.

  • TravelSmart

    Visit the TravelSmart Junction in E Block to find alternative ways to travel to the QEIIMC, or contact the TravelSmart team on (08) 6457 4085.

  • Become a Buggy Driver

    Would you like to become a volunteer QEIIMC Buggy Driver? Contact the volunteer co-ordinator for more information on (08) 6457 4085.



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