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Staff Parking FAQ

Am I eligible for parking?
All QEIIMC staff regardless of their employer are able to apply for parking. All parking permits will be assessed against the current priority groups.

How do I apply for parking?
In order to receive parking at the QEIIMC an online application form needs to be completed.

How do I pay for parking?
The parking at the QEIIMC is set up on a pay as you go system. Each employee will be provided with a smart parker card which will be used to add credit onto the employees account.




Page last updated:  16/06/14

  • Important changes to phone numbers at QEIIMC

    As of Saturday 6 August 2016, most phone and fax numbers at the QEIIMC Campus have changed.  Follow the links below for more information:




  • TravelSmart

    Why not look after your health on the way to the QEIIMC? For all your cycling maps, bicycle parking facilities and route planning contact (08) 6457 4085.

  • TravelSmart

    Visit the TravelSmart Junction in E Block to find alternative ways to travel to the QEIIMC, or contact the TravelSmart team on (08) 6457 4085.

  • Become a Buggy Driver

    Would you like to become a volunteer QEIIMC Buggy Driver? Contact the volunteer co-ordinator for more information on (08) 6457 4085.



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