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QEIIMC Staff TravelSmart

 Public Transport

Public transport can be a quick and convenient option when travelling to the QEIIMC. There are several bus routes that pass through the QEIIMC. See our Public Transport page for more on your options.

Car Pooling

Car pooling is when two or more people share a car and travel together. It allows people to benefit from the convenience of the car, whilst alleviating the associated problems of congestions and pollution.

A 20 per cent discount is available for staff who hold a car pooling parking permit. Please see the Parking Application section for more information or to sign up for your parking permit. If you are not eligible for a car pooling permit, you can still benefit - share your journey, and the costs.

For more information about car pooling please view our Car Pooling FAQ page, or sign on to our Car Pooling Register if you are seeking a buddy.

Green Commuting

Green Commuters are staff who use alternative transport to commute to work three or more times each week if employed full time, or 60 per cent of the time if employed part time. Discounted parking (20 per cent discount) is available for the other days that Green Commuters drive to work.

Alternative Transport Includes:

  • Cycling
  • Public Transport
  • Walking

Please see the Parking Application section for more information or to sign up for your Green Commuter parking permit.


If you are commuting to the QEIIMC site for work and are able, why not try cycling?

You can secure your bike at one of the designated End of Trip Facilities which also includes showers, change rooms and lockers. Please view the QEIIMC Site Map to find the End of Trip Facilities and Cycle Paths at the QEIIMC.

Please do not lock your bikes up to the fences or railings as this can restrict walkways and access points, hampering movements in the event of an emergency and hindering people with mobility problems.

For more information about cycling see our Cycling page.


Walking to work can be an enjoyable way to stay healthy and fit. Staff that walk to work are more productive, have less sick days and have improved fitness.

Local TravelSmart Guides contain maps showing different routes for walking. Check out local TravelSmart Guides for our surrounding suburbs to find different routes for walking to the QEIIMC that may suit you.

View the QEIIMC Site Map for more information on the End of Trip Facilities you can use to freshen up after that walk to work.

Leave the car at home and burn your own fuel instead! 

TravelSmart Junction

If you need help with planning your journey then our TravelSmart team is here to help.

TravelSmart Junction is a small area located in the Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital (SCGH) E block corridor set aside to provide promotional and informative guides to alternative modes of transport for those travelling to the QEIIMC.

Hospital Avenue
E Block
Ph:  (08) 6457 4085
Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday:  8.00am - 4.00pm 





Page last updated:  01/11/16

  • Important changes to phone numbers at QEIIMC

    As of Saturday 6 August 2016, most phone and fax numbers at the QEIIMC Campus have changed.  Follow the links below for more information:




  • TravelSmart

    Why not look after your health on the way to the QEIIMC? For all your cycling maps, bicycle parking facilities and route planning contact (08) 6457 4085.

  • TravelSmart

    Visit the TravelSmart Junction in E Block to find alternative ways to travel to the QEIIMC, or contact the TravelSmart team on (08) 6457 4085.

  • Become a Buggy Driver

    Would you like to become a volunteer QEIIMC Buggy Driver? Contact the volunteer co-ordinator for more information on (08) 6457 4085.



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