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About Redevelopment


Since 2010, when Stage 1 of the redevelopment began, numerous projects have been completed:

  • a new Central Energy Plant
  • a Comprehensive Cancer Centre, which combines multiple oncology treatment areas into one location
  • new PathWest laboratories, including high level physical containment facilities
  • a new Mental Health Unit
  • the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research (formerly the Western Australian Institute of Medical Research)
  • a new Western Power substation which provides additional power capacity to the QEII Medical Centre and surrounding suburbs
  • Ronald McDonald House, which provides free accommodation to the families of children that must travel great distances for their treatment
  • a multi-deck car park, which provides over 3,000 parking bays for patients, visitors and staff.

Projects still in progress are the Perth Children’s Hospital and the Sarich Neuroscience Research Institute. These projects are scheduled for completion in 2016.

The QEIIMC Trust will continue to manage the demands for site services and the increase in facilities coming to the site as per the Queen Elizabeth II Medical Centre Act 1966 and the Queen Elizabeth II Medical Centre (Delegated Site) By-Laws 1986. The QEIIMC Master Plan for these facilities can be viewed here.





Page last updated:  16/03/16

  • Important changes to phone numbers at QEIIMC

    As of Saturday 6 August 2016, most phone and fax numbers at the QEIIMC Campus have changed.  Follow the links below for more information:




  • TravelSmart

    Why not look after your health on the way to the QEIIMC? For all your cycling maps, bicycle parking facilities and route planning contact (08) 6457 4085.

  • TravelSmart

    Visit the TravelSmart Junction in E Block to find alternative ways to travel to the QEIIMC, or contact the TravelSmart team on (08) 6457 4085.

  • Become a Buggy Driver

    Would you like to become a volunteer QEIIMC Buggy Driver? Contact the volunteer co-ordinator for more information on (08) 6457 4085.



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